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Arts Council Toowoomba Inc has govenment Tax deductible status for Donations made for our Art Project Donation Fund.

Electronic transfer to

Arts Council Toowoomba

Heritage BSB 638070   Account 12312983

In past years ACT delivered the Avant Garden project where ephemeral sculptures were located in Toowoomba’s parks during the Carnival of Flowers. Funding was not available to continue Avant Garden despite its popularity.

In early 2013, ACT delivered the successful Splashing back! Mosaic Flood Marker Project. This Arts-led recovery project after the 2011 floods ensures the memories live on in 10 permanent mosaics on outside walls of Toowoomba businesses. These mosaics are part of the Toowoomba PokemonGo community.

ACT is calling for donations to make ACT projects sustainable. We would like to develop and develop and deliver community public art projects in the future. Every dollar donated to ACT will be used to showcase Toowoomba and region as a vital and creative centre for the arts and give regional artists opportunities to participate in worthwhile public art activities.


You will receive an official receipt to claim your tax deductible advantage.