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Choirs for Uganda

This is an event not to be missed – a choral festival featuring seven choirs on Sunday 20 August.choirs for uganda flyer

Exhibition invitation

Symbolic Self Members exhibition

An exciting new exhibition for ACT members has been supported by an RAF Quick Response Grant to

allow members access to a professional curator.

ACT hopes this will increase professionalism and lead to an outstanding exhibition.


DATE EVENT Early March 2017 Stage 1 Callout/EOI to members 14 March 2017 Members submit Concept/s 15 […]

AGM with guest speaker

Wonderful post AGM conversations

After the meeting we enjoyed hospitality

Maryika, Jennifer and Carol

Jennifer and Titien

Betty and Anne

John and Mary-Kate

Alexis and guest speaker Claude

Anne and Marcus from PCYC

Anne, Ngaire, Allan and Betty

Arts Council Toowoomba Inc. celebrated our […]

Weekend Workshop 6-7 August

Successful grant

ACT and other LAC members in our region are invited to develop concepts for a Symbolic Self exhibition in 2017. The Flying Arts Workshop will be held on the weekend of 6-7 August.

Via an online survey before the workshop, Stephen Clark will take participants through a creative planning process to identify ideas and images […]

Good news from past president

One of our members and past President, Carol Walden, has been accepted as a delegate/volunteer for the World Peace and Friendship Mission – from Gandhi Ashram Sewagram in India on June 1 to Phoenix Settlement, Durban, South Africa on July 31, visiting 15 countries and participating in some 40 creative arts/peace programs. ‘The peace mission […]

Women in Harmony

Our member choir Women in Harmony launched their Decade of Harmony with a Circle of Singing.

Why do we love Toowoomba?

ACT proudly shares this video put together by Rob Sidor for our Blackboard project with funding from Toowoomba Regional Council.

Please let the committee know what you would like to see our Local Arts Council do in our community in the next year or so. Emailing with your ideas.





Blackboard memories

Two years ago our members were interacting with people in the CBD with our Blackboard project