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Arts Council Toowoomba Inc (ACT) is a not-for-profit arts organization based in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Formed in 2006, ACT has already attracted many members and patrons who share our vision. The hard-working Management Committee are all volunteers who meet regularly to realise our vision.

Our mission statement is:
To showcase Toowoomba and region as a vital and creative centre for the arts.

Our objectives:

  1. To provide an umbrella organisation for the local arts community
  2. To build membership of the Arts Council Toowoomba and audience for the arts in Toowoomba
  3. To develop and programme arts events
  4. To establish a community arts centre.

To view a copy of ACT’s Constitution, click here

We enjoy the depth of experience, credibility, and vast networks that such a well respected organisation provides. We can provide our members with many benefits and links with other organisations. In addition, locally, we have attracted business sponsors who offer our members discounts on goods and services.


In 2003, a small group of people decided to try to create a community arts network in Toowoomba, Queensland. There had been many attempts in previous years, but for one reason or another, they died before they were born.

This group was determined to provide a showcase for Toowoomba’s artistic talent, and so started on the long journey. A proposal was taken to the City Council, public meetings were held, community members surveyed, networks formed, newsletters distributed, steering committee formed and eventually in November 2005 a Management Committee elected.

In the meantime, Queensland Arts Council (QAC) invited us to become affiliated with them as a Local Arts Council (LAC). then began the step – to become incorporated as a not-for -profit organisation and affiliation with QAC. These were achieved in March 2006, and so Arts Council Toowoomba Inc. was born.

Our first year, 2006, was a busy one and saw the launching of The Great Toowoomba Postcard Project 2006, with much appreciated support and assistance from the Toowoomba Regional Council(then Toowoomba City Council) through the staff at Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery. We also created a swanky launch event for our organisation, won a Regional Arts Development Fund grant to create this web page and initiatied FUNdraisers – as the name implies, a fun way of raising revenue.

In January 2007,  ACT was awarded the Toowoomba Australia Day Arts/Culture Award for 2007. Subsequent months turned out to be even busier: The Great Toowoomba Postcard Project 2007 and the Avant Garden Project for The Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers were great successes from 2007-2009. Artist is Gardens were enjoyed by visitors to Toowoomba looking at the displays for Carnival of Flowers.

More recently Splashing back! Mosaic Flood marker trail has been successfully installed. In September 2014 ACT delivered ACT Waterways which demonstrated how water flowed through Toowoomba with artworks in Toowoomba’s waterways.

Members Exhibitions showcasing local talent are regularly held at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery.


Download the Toowoomba Regional Council’s Arts and Cultural Development Policy