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Symbolic Self Members exhibition

An exciting new exhibition for ACT members has been supported by an RAF Quick Response Grant to

allow members access to a professional curator.ACT Symbolic Self Logo Final

ACT hopes this will increase professionalism and lead to an outstanding exhibition.

Logo for Grant Ack


Early March 2017 Stage 1 Callout/EOI  to members 
14 March 2017 Members submit Concept/s
15 March 2017 Artists notified of selection
15 March – 28 April 2017 Selected artists create works and photograph/video pieces
4 April 2017 Progress meeting TRAG
28 April 2017 DEADLINE FOR photos/videos of selected works to or posted the PO Box 1421, Toowoomba Qld 4350
5 May 2017 Stage 2 Artists informed of selection to exhibit
6 May  2017 Text, images for Invitations to Graphic Design
12 May 2017 Artwork approved and to printer
17 May 2017 Deliver Invitations (300) to TRAG
19 June 2017 Delivery of Artworks 9.30 am
19 June 2017 Installation of works
25 June 2017 Sunday 1.30 am Opening event
3 July 2017 Documentation of exhibition by Ann Alcock
4-7 July School holiday workshops by Maryika and Jennifer
24 July Removal of works 8.45am