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Successful grant

ACT and other LAC members in our region are invited to develop concepts for a Symbolic Self exhibition in 2017. The Flying Arts Workshop will be held on the weekend of 6-7 August.

Via an online survey before the workshop, Stephen Clark will take participants through a creative planning process to identify ideas and images about past, present and future. He will represent these ideas to the group for creative response and further expansion in the first hour of the workshop. This will become the stimulus for creative responses to ideas about the future of arts and cultural development and key role of local arts councils (LACs).

Stephen Clark is a highly experienced consultant and advisor working extensively around the State in arts and cultural development.  Recently he completed six years as Executive Officer of Flying Arts Alliance. Stephen has spent many years regional Queensland to advance professional development in the arts sector. See

Then tutor Therese Flynn-Clark will assist participants to Tell their own stories. In Day 1 she will assist us to create a A3 mixed media artwork and On day 2 she will assist us to weave a sewn form and to develop skills to make 3D works that express our identity. Therese Flynn-Clarke uses a number of mediums which all reflect her deep connection to the natural world from where her inspiration is drawn. This earned her a position in the 2012 Double Vision Artist Exchange programme between Logan City Council, Qld and Onkaparinga Council, S.A. She creates work using recycled materials as well as plant fibres and won first prize for her large installation of ‘Moths of the Caldera’ in the Caldera Art Prize. Therese is a prolific and committed artist as well as a tutor and teacher, and a respected member of many community arts groups and events. <>

Registration Deadline Tuesday 26 July
Online survey and
creative planning
from 28 July
Response deadline Wednesday 3 August
Workshop: Day 1 Saturday 6 August
Workshop: Day 2 Sunday 7 August

Fill out and return this registration form with evidence of payment.